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Psychotherapy and Consultation Services

Mental Health Services

Parent Support Services

Individual therapy is available for children and adults. A treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the individual and/or parent. Weekly sessions are generally considered as they support continuity to progress. However, personal circumstances may suggest more or less frequent contact. Services are confidential with written informed consent required for any communication with third parties. 
Parental trust in the therapist and support for their child receiving help is critical. We work closely with parents in developing a plan of action. In some situations it may be advisable for the parent[s] to have primary contact with us rather than the child. Either way, parents must feel they have a solid partnership with the therapist.   

Nonprofit Management Consultation

Mental Health Consultation

Throughout our careers, we have served as consultants to mental health programs, early childhood care centers, as field work faculty for master-level social work and psychology interns, and as clinical staff supervisors. Consultation is available to school/day care staff when children are receiving services, as well as to therapists and organizations around their personal and organizational goals. 
Les has conducted strategic planning with early childhood development, youth-serving and child welfare organizations.  Prior positions in senior management helped him build organizational development skills, including program development, staff training and grant writing.  Contact him if you think he may be of help with your organizational needs.