Stark Inch Associates, Inc
Psychotherapy and Consultation Services
Psychotherapy is a journey of discovery and deciding to set out on its path is serious business. Whether looking for help with an acute concern or with one that has nagged for a while, the moment of deciding to move forward is monumental.  Often, we can dismiss the courage it takes to make that initial call or email requesting help. We see it, however, as an act of hope that can be mined to learn what we desire to be different in our life.  We nurture that desire to have a more peaceful and satisfying life.

We support all the efforts people make to achieve a difference in their lives.  We encourage the exploration of all available resources -- spiritual, meditative, physical, athletic, medical -- just as we do in our own lives.  For Rachel and Les, music, exercise and reading provide nourishment in our daily lives, along with a devotion to family and friends.